Success Stories

“My best experience was with a second grader when we started to read a chapter book. We would read a chapter a week, and before starting the new chapter we discussed what had happened previously. Her understanding and comprehension improved 10 fold when they actually had to discuss the book and understand what they were reading.”
“I have a student that was transported via a public school bus from over forty minutes away because she is homeless. Upon first meeting her, I was a little worried that she might be really shy. To my surprise, she was a super star! She gave me not only great inspiration, but awesome ideas.”
“I hoped that maybe I could be a stepping stone in someone’s young life that would make some small improvement for their future....and as we draw to a close, I really do feel that I made a difference!”
“When we first started, the students did not really know what fluency meant. After several meetings, they could remember that the word started with "f". Now, they tell me all about what reading fluency is before we ever reach the media center.”
"The pens are a favorite part of the experiences. I gave a full two minutes for writing take place to explore 'nteresting' words.”
“I enjoy observing how the up and coming generations think. I  shared these funny experiences with my friends on fb:
  • One week we were reading about the White House, and I asked my students who lives there.  I was told LeBron James, oh, and he lives with 'Obama.'
  • The next week we read about the statue of liberty. The statue holds a tablet which reads July 4, 1776.  One of my students asked me how they recharge the tablet!”
“I had one young man last year who was going to be retained, but because he improved so much in reading, he was promoted!  I'd like to think that the individual attention he received got him over the hump!”
I love the enthusiasm and desire to read that these students are showing.  They just need someone to take a direct interest in them and have them be accountable for what they've read anddiscuss story with them. I'm so grateful and glad to be involved in this program. Thank you!”
“These children are so excited to see you every week and be 'special' as they are pulled out of class.  It means you have chosen to spend your time with them and they love it.  It gives you a chance to introduce your love of reading because they don't hear it at home. It breaks my heart that, through no fault of their own, they don't have the same experiences and influences we had when we were children. These kids can, and will, succeed if we help. When I now ask them what their favorite subject is, they say reading!”
The student I had at the beginning of the year was a little shy, but came around very quickly upon building a relationship. Just asking how their weekend went, what their favorite books are, what their favorite colors are, and more!  The student excelled so quickly throughout the program. The student I have worked with excelled to the top of her class and chart in reading. Her WPM grew by leaps and bounds, and her expression in reading even got better. She was so excited about reading and looked forward to seeing me each week. She would read at home, and because she was excited about reading, her mom would take her to the library, and get books for her to practice at home. That is what this program is all about. The excitement to read, excelling, and enjoying the journey. I think Read2Succeed has and will continue to be beneficial, and as it grows and changes, so to will many sudents!