Biology Lead Teacher (BLT) Professional Development

Quarterly workshops funded by Lockheed Martin provide content knowledge and create resources for teachers to successfully prepare high school students for the Biology I End of Course assessment and for future scientific learning.


Workshops use pedagogical practices to move participants from having teacher-centered to learner-centered classrooms. Each workshop follows the outline below:

  • Discussing "bell work” – what to do in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the class.   
  • Deconstructing the benchmarks to reveal the depth and breadth of the content and using the deconstructed benchmarks to focus and plan instruction.   
  • Learning from expert speakers and participating in follow-up activities. Activities focus on engineering design challenges and labs. Lockheed Martin engineers help teach participants how to take inquiry labs to the next level. 
  • Creating lesson plans by learning community for the next quarter. Each participant group creates 1 to 2 weeks of lesson plans for the next quarter. Lesson plans are posted on the district's professional development portal for use by all Orange County teachers.


BLT Sponosor