Advice from your judges

Comments and helpful tips from your judges

  • Personality - Let it shine.
  • Relax - We're on your side.
  • Smile - If you're re having a good time then we will too.
  • Eye-contact - Look at the judges and audience and draw them into your performance
  • Pacing - Singers perform your song and don't pace.
  • Age-appropriate - Choose age-appropriate material and attire.
  • Connected - Stay emotionally connected to your routine.
  • Lyrics - Do you understand your lyrics/meaning of song or music? Show us.
  • Attire - Your appearance is very important.  Dress appropriately for your performance. Costumes are always a way to receive high marks ... try to choose an outfit or costume that is flattering to your performance. If your budget doesn't allow, wear something that compliments you and avoid short dresses, t-shirts, ill-fitting sweatsuits, torn jeans, inappropriate exposures, etc.
  • Stage Use - make good use of the stage.  Solo acts should stay upstage so the judges and audience have a great view of your performance.
  • A Cappella - It is more difficult to score high singing A Cappella, unless you have a strong / mature voice.
  • Audio Tracks - Audio tracks ripped at the highest quality improves your performance.  Audition audio tracks are to be edited to maximum two (2) minutes and finale tracks can be up to four (4) minutes max. If you don't have this capability, the sound technician will start the song at the beginning and fade out after the time limit, dim lights and turn off mic.
And most of all ... GOOD LUCK!