Return on Investment

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools enlists the support of individuals, corporations and foundations to make a difference in the success of Orange County's teachers and students. Below are some examples of how community investments impacted Orange County's students during the 2012-2013 school year:
Middle School Morning Book Club Program
Middle School Morning Book Club operated at 10 county schools reaching a total of 143 students.
  • 52% of participating students demonstrated their ability to read on grade level by passing the FCAT Reading assessment. 50% of students who did not test at grade level demonstrated significant learning gains in 2013.
  • Teachers reported that students increased their self-confidence and learned to respect others’ opinions throughout the year.
  • Students said they learned they could all read the same book but see the story differently, it's not OK to bully or treat people wrong, and they could be a good reader if they want to be.
Read2Succeed Program
Read2Succeed provided individualized reading instruction to 573 first and second grade students at 49 elementary schools. This marked a 200% increase over the amount of students served in the previous school year.
  • Second graders demonstrated a 93% increase in reading fluency on the FAIR assessment.
  • First graders showed a 100% increase in their vocabulary knowledge from pre-test to the post-test, and 53% of them were in the target range for their grade level on the FAIR assesment.
Teacher Grant Program
Teacher grants awarded $156,000 to teachers for equipment and materials that directly impact classroom learning.
  • Classroom library grants put nonfiction books in 89 classrooms.

  • A STEM grant to Castle Creek Elementary School enabled a team of teachers to each complete an Engineering is Elementary unit on energy for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. The students then presented what they learned at a school-wide STEM night. Students are now able to apply the engineering design process taught in the Engineering is Elementary units to plan, create, and improve a solution to a problem. Nearly all the students involved scored at or above grade level on their 2013 Math FCAT. All of the fifth graders involved scored at or above grade level on the 2013 Science FCAT.

  • At Lakeview Middle School, an 8th grade Algebra I teacher used a STEM grant to place color graphing calculators in the hands of her students. This allowed students to have the opportunity to "see" math quickly and put a picture to equations. It also allowed students to manipulate the equations and lines in a real context.  71% of her students passed the Algebra I EOC with a level 3 or higher. 70% of her pre-Algebra students showed gains of at least 10% on their math benchmark exams.

  • A Timber Creek High School Honors Forensic/Biology II teacher used a STEM grant to diminish teacher-lead lectures. Computers were used to find resources from online sources and promote small and large group discussions, article analysis, cooperative learning, and case studies. The computers also were used to perform virtual labs to prepare for the practical labs and used in research projects to find up-to-date information. Students showed a 60% increase in their lab grades by performing virtual labs and researching before performing the practical lab. The students also had a 30% increase in their test scores (compare to pretest).

  • 32 arts education grants supported visual and performing arts programs. A $250 arts grant at Kaley Elementary touched every student in the school by providing supplies for clay projects using a kiln. Pre-K and kindergarten students built clay pots based on the work of Mexican potter Juan Quezada. First and second graders created sunflowers based on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting. Third and fourth graders built coil vases. Fifth graders built animal sculptures that served as a functional maracas. Ribbons were awarded during the Spring Fine Arts Show featuring the children's work.



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