Teach-In 2014

Community members go to school for a day

Each November, in celebration of American Education Week, the Foundation brings business and civic leaders into the classrooms – in a fun and engaging way -- to talk with students in about academics, careers and the future.
On November 19, 3200 volunteers made 6,860 presentation at 165 schools. What an amazing impact!

Some volunteers read books to pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. Some taught practical, personal skills to high school students such as managing a checking account and using credit cards wisely. Others involved entire classes in projects like designing a web site. A few even got visits from doctors and dentists.
A huge Thank You goes to all who shared their expertise and experiences with our students for enriching their lives and expanding their world.

Why Dr. Williams is hooked on Teach-In

Q.  Tell us about your career.
A.  I didn't decide to become a dentist until my sophomore year as an undergrad, although I always knew that I loved science and interacting with people. Dentistry is an amazing career that merges art, science, business, and quite frankly vanity. I love "making over" a smile and feel a true sense of accomplishment when I can see a before and after photo.
Q.  How did you learn about Teach-In?
A.  Word of mouth and through social media.  I like to ask my patients' parents what is going on at their schools and try to get as involved as possible.  Living in College Park, our patients go to a variety of schools and there are always so many events to choose from.  I chose Teach-In day because I felt that hearing about someone's 'real life' career would be something that I would have liked to hear about as an elementary school student.
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