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School Business Card Program

C&S Press is again offering the the "School Business Card" program to Orange County Public Schools.  This program offers discounted, personalized OCPS “Business Cards” to schools for its classroom teachers and other instructional / administrative personnel.
Schools that would like to participate in the Business Card program, must select a "business card coordinator" and register by Friday, August 30, 2013.  After the school's registration is received, the designated business card coordinator can download the guidelines, worksheet and order spreadsheet by clicking on the Coordinator Resource Materials links below.
Orders can only be placed by the school's designated business card coordinator. C&S is unable to process business card orders for unregistered schools and/or individuals.
The business card time line is as follows:
  • August 19-30, 2013:  School coordinator registration
  • September 20, 2013:  Deadline to place school's business card order
  • Mid to Late October - Proofs emailed to school coordinator
  • Late November - Cards will ship

If your business card need is urgent, you can always go through OCPS Print Services. Click on this link for the order form.   Should you have any other questions about OCPS Print Services, contact them at 407-850-5110 or 407-317-3350.


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