Homeless Student Support

2012-2013 School Year

Through the county's homeless services program, $174,000 went toward services supporting many of the 7,270 students who experienced some form of homelessness this past school year. Their families benefited from the distribution of food, clothing, bus passes, gas cards, hygiene products, and gift cards for groceries and shoes.

The following list chronicles some of the support activities provided:

  • The Evans Community School Food Pantry as well as cabinets stocked with nutritious snacks throughout the school were accessable to students during the day.
  • Love Pantries were funded at 23 schools. Love Pantries provided a week's supply of food for families in crisis, plus referrals to nonprofits to assist with food stamps and ongoing food assistance.
  • Almost 14,000 bus passes were given to parents in transition to get students to their original school every day, creating some sense of normalcy as their “home” locations changed.
  • Clothes, shoes, hygiene products and school supplies were available for those in need.
  • Field trip fees were paid so students could participate and not feel left out.
  • High school students, especially seniors, were able to access funds through their counselors for things like senior portraits, yearbooks and prom clothes and tickets.
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