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Second Graders' Fluency Soars with Read2Succeed

Read2Succeed utilizes The Six Minute Solution program for our curriculum. The Six-Minute Solution builds students' reading fluency—essential for text comprehension—and is valuable as a complement to any reading curriculum or as an intervention program. This easy to implement resource quickly builds fluency through interactive, peer-to-peer repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages.

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What is the curriculum?

This is a brief overview of the program. Go to Sopris Learning to learn more about The Six Minute Solution curriculum.

Which students are right the program?

Students are selected to participate in the program based on the following information:

  • Oral Reading Fluency- 20-50 correct words per minute
  • TDI- Meets Expectation (ME) in most Word Building tasks.

What is the placement test for students?
Here is a placement passage for use in evaluating your students if needed. Any assessment currently being used in the classroom is also acceptable.

What do reading volunteers do?
Our reading volunteers come from all walks of life and are trained to implement The Six Minute Solution with second graders struggling with reading fluency. Volunteers are matched based on availability and geographic location preferred. They come prepared with additional resources such as sight word phrase cards and educational games.

What does the program look like in action with a reading volunteer?
Click this link to watch a video of a sample session

How do I register students?

You can register students online or via an excel spreadsheet.

How can I get started?

1. Perform your assessment if neccessary for your students who are at risk.

2. Register your students on our website or via the spreadsheet.

3. Be on the lookout for a "match email”

If you would like us to come speak to your team we are happy to do so. Just let us know what would be convenient for you.

Jeanne Smith, Read2Succeed Program Manager
Office: 407-317-3261
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext. 200-2941


Elizabeth Conrad, Read2Succeed Program Manager
Office: 407-317-3261
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext. 200-2835



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