Success Stories

“My students loved the volunteer and looked forward to her coming for them.  She was always friendly, pleasant, punctual, and respectful.”

- Ms. Cook   

“The volunteer, Mrs. Wood, was wonderful.  She had great communication with the teacher and the students.”

- Ms. Brancato

“My students looked forward to meeting with the volunteer each week and I could tell they really formed a strong bond with her. I also saw their reading confidence grow and they started to participate more in class.”

- Ms. McBride

“Mr. Krouse was absolutely wonderful to work with! My students really enjoyed it. The instruction was beneficial and I really noticed a difference in my students reading abilities. They were able to make gains.”

- Ms. Saenz

“Great program, will definitely participate next year.  My students made wonderful gains.”

- Ms. Gibbons 

“My students fluency improved a lot. They enjoyed going every week.”

- Ms. Lane-Evans

“John Tattersall was a great mentor to my students.  They really looked forward to his coming.  He did an outstanding job.”

- Ms. Bevan

“All students who participated made significant growth in their reading abilities.”

- Ms. Douglas



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