2012-2015 Strategic Plan

The Foundation of Orange County Public Schools Board of Directors adopted its 2012-2015 Strategic Plan in November 2011 and monitors it regularly.


  1. Literacies First: Improve literacies of students through reading at critical points along the educational pathway as identified by professional educators.
  2. Quality Teaching: Increase opportunities for teachers and administrators to participate in high quality professional development and certification programs.
  3. Learning Support: Increase resources and rewards for teachers who develop innovative and enriching approaches to helping students learn.
  4. Engagement: Increase family and community participation with the schools.


  1. Align our focus with the plans of the School District and the School Board, honoring expertise and seeking synergy.
  2. Provide foundational support that will make a difference for students in their earliest school years as well as at identified critical points along their pathways shown to be gateways to success or failure.
  3. Encourage, support and celebrate high quality teaching, family involvement, and community engagement as critical factors in achieving student success.
  4. Concentrate our resources on a selected group of core programs shown to make a measurable difference.
  5. Promote our work and its results to our community and to individual and organizational donors, serving as an important vehicle for growing community financial and volunteer support for OCPS.
  6. Use successful programs as models and support what works best in individual schools.



Identify, develop and focus community resources to make a meaningful impact on the success of students and teachers of Orange County Public Schools


Support Orange County Public Schools by connecting schools with the community and by providing financial and other resources for learning enhancement


Value public education
Act with integrity
Be trustworthy
Be fiscally responsible stewards
Act collaboratively
Engage and inform