Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the focus of the Read2Succeed program?

    The focus is to provide reading support to first and second grade students who are struggling with reading in participating Orange County elementary schools.
  • When will volunteering happen?  How often?

    The volunteer indicates their preference regarding time and day of the week.The Foundation staff works with the school coordinator and/or the teacher to find a meeting time which may be over lunch or during the student’s non-instructional class time. Sessions are 30-45 minutes each week - same day, same time.  If you want to volunteer, but know you can’t make it every week, it is possible to "team up” with another volunteer to take turns every other week working with students.
  • Where does volunteering take place?

    Students and reading volunteers meet outside of the classroom in the school’s library or media center, cafeteria or other identified designated location. The sessions must take place during school hours on school campus. Where the sessions happen is an individual decision made by each school site.
  • How are Read2Succeed sessions structured?

    The First Grade Vocabulary Enhancement Program sessions are one-on-one with the same student each session. There is a step by step procedure taught to volunteers during training used for each session.

    The Second Grade Fluency Program utilizes The Six Minute Solution curriculum. It is an easy to implement, highly effective tool used to increase students' reading fluency.
  • How are students selected or referred to the Read2Succeed program?

    Teachers, school site coordinators or reading specialists at each elementary school select children based on need and through the use of an academic selection instrument.  Selection of students is at the discretion of the school. The number of students served depends on the number of volunteers recruited, trained and placed at school sites.
  • Where do Read2Succeed volunteers come from?

    Volunteers come from the community, businesses, local colleges and universities and other individuals who successfully pass a background check and attend volunteer training through the Read2Succeed program.
  • Who trains the Read2Succeed volunteers?

    The Foundation sponsors and delivers the in person training for volunteers in conjunction with OCPS ADDitions guidelines and policies. During the fall, training sessions are offered at the Educational Leadership Center weekly.
  • What are the expected outcomes of the Read2Succeed program?

    We expect to see improved reading fluency and vocabulary. The programs' impact are evaluated by measured in a variety of ways. We also expect to see the students’ self esteem growing as they become better readers, enhanced social competencies and increased volunteer support.


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