L4L Non-fiction Classroom Libraries Grant Evaluation

Please complete the evaluation below for your License4Learning Non-Fiction Classroom Libraries Grant. Click on the "?" to the right of some questions for notes / instructions.
If you have questions prior to starting your evaluation, call the Foundation office at 407-317-3200 x200-2919 or email FOCPSImpactGrants@ocps.net.
Lead Teacher's Contact Information
Participating Students Demographics
If more than one, put all - k; 1-3; 5; etc.
Grant Information
Amount awarded NOT requested.
If your answer was no, please click on the Teacher Grant Resource Page (http://www.foundationforocps.org/uploads/files/Teacher%20Grants/ClassroomLibraries/2015-16/WinnerDocs/2015-16_ClassroomLibrariesExpSummary.xlsx) and select the correct grant expense summary document, complete and submit with supporting documents. You will not be eligible for a 2016-17 grant until all reporting has been completed.
Grant Project Evaluation
Best Practices Participation
Public Relations / Media Coverage

Photo Submission

Please scan your project related photos and photo release forms (for all students appearing in the photos) and email to FOCPSImpactGrant.  These will be shared on the web site and with our funders.  Thank you!