Teach-In 2020

Why Dr. Williams is hooked on Teach-In

Q.  Tell us about your career.
A.  I didn't decide to become a dentist until my sophomore year as an undergrad, although I always knew that I loved science and interacting with people. Dentistry is an amazing career that merges art, science, business, and quite frankly vanity. I love "making over" a smile and feel a true sense of accomplishment when I can see a before and after photo.
Q.  How did you learn about Teach-In?
A.  Word of mouth and through social media.  I like to ask my patients' parents what is going on at their schools and try to get as involved as possible.  Living in College Park, our patients go to a variety of schools and there are always so many events to choose from.  I chose Teach-In day because I felt that hearing about someone's 'real life' career would be something that I would have liked to hear about as an elementary school student.
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