2019 Visual Arts: Finalists Gallery

Thank you for perusing our winning art gallery. 
We are delighted to display our students' amazing work.
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Visual Arts Winning Categories: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
Visual artwork will be on display at theTop Talent event at Plaza LIVE on April, 27, 2019.
The following prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories at the event.
1st Place: $150 gift card; $300 for the arts program at winner’s school
2nd Place: $75 gift card; $200 for the arts program at winner’s school
3rd Place: $50 gift card; $100 for the arts program at winner’s school
Award of Merit: Ribbon
Fan Favorite: $150 gift card; $250 for the arts program at winner’s school
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Proceeds will provide arts enrichment for students experiencing poverty or homelessness. 
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Elementary School Finalists

Name: Alisa Andrievskaya
School: Ventura ES
Artwork Name: "City Music" 
Medium: Crayon
Name: Summer Cook
School: Deerwood ES
Artwork Name: "Diver Blue Dog"
Medium: Tempura
Name: Sierra Davis
School: Tildenville ES
Artwork Name: "Cool Colored Gecko"
Medium: Watercolor
Name: Aniya Lopez
School: Spring Lake ES
Artwork Name: "Flame" (Dragon Sculpture)
Medium: Ceramics
Name: Ava Resnick
School: Hillcrest ES
Artwork Name: Palm Tree Painting
Medium: Tempura
Name: Xander Richards
School: Deerwood ES
Artwork Name: "City at Night"
Medium: Mixed Media

Middle School Finalists

Name: Olivia Cox
School: Blankner K8
Artwork Name: "Flutter"
Medium: Mixed Media
Name: Sophie Garcia
School: Howard MS
Artwork Name: "Team Spirit"
Medium: Photography
Name: Katie Grace Hanks
School: Blankner K8
Artwork Name: "Emerging City"
Medium: Ceramics
Name: Daniel Hurtado
School: Southwest MS
Artwork Name: "Basement"
Medium: Paper
Name: Leiann Lee
School: SunRidge MS
Artwork Name: "Honor and Glory"
Medium: Pen and Ink
Name: Emma Tweedy
School: Apopka Memorial MS
Artwork Name: Modern Puzzle Portrait
Medium: Pencil and Ink

High School Finalists

Name: Catherine Barnes
School: Dr. Phillips HS
Artwork Name: "The Local Youth"
Medium: Digital Photography
Name: Leila Elguennich
School: Dr. Phillips HS
Artwork Name: "Beetles and Bells"
Medium: Watercolor
Name: Ali Malik
School: Dr. Phillips HS
Artwork Name: "Descent"
Medium: Pencil and Ink
Name: Madison McCoy
School: Boone HS
Artwork Name: "Lightning"
Medium: Mixed Media
Name: Michaela Meyer
School: Lake Nona HS
Artwork Name: "Untitled" (Girl From Crowd)
Medium: Mixed Media
Name: Hailey Mosher
School: Boone HS
Artwork Name: "Hands"
Medium: Chalk Pastel