Last Year's Visual Arts Winning Gallery

Thank you for perusing our winning art gallery. 
We are delighted to display our students' amazing work.
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Visual Arts Winning Categories: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Elementary School (3-5) Winners


1st Place Winner | Ayda Merchant

Artwork Name: "Girl with Red Hair"
School: Ventura ES
Medium: Mixed Media

2nd Place Winner | Shanelle Divinard
School: Lake Weston ES
Artwork Name: "Burger with Lettuce & Tomatoe" 
Medium: Ceramics

3rd Place Winner | Emilee Vera

Artwork Name: "Bones and Flowers Still Life"
School: Ventura ES
Medium: Graphite

Honorable Mention | Annaleigh Hanophy
Artwork Name: "Elephant Waterfall"
School: Eagle Creek ES
Medium: Ceramics


Honorable Mention | Karilyn Reinosa

Artwork Name: "Good Day"
School: Ventura ES
Medium: Crayon


Middle School Winners


1st Place Winner | Georgia Hungerford

Artwork Name: "Self Portrait "
School: Blankner Middle School
Medium: Colored Pencil


2nd Place Winner | Dereck Morales

Artwork Name: "Horizon God"
School: Howard MS
Medium: Digital Art


3rd Place Winner | Jolimar Figueroa Rivera

Artwork Name: "Joy "
School: Howard MS
Medium: Colored Pencil


Honorable Mention | Raida Nowreen

Artwork Name: "Classroom without Walls"
School: Hunters Creek MS
Medium: Acrylic


Honorable Mention | Wyatt Shea

Artwork Name: "Thoughtful Toad"
School: Blankner Middle School
Medium: Scratch Board

High School Winners


1st Place Winner | Jorge Rodriguez

Artwork Name: "Depiction of a Modern Kunst"
School: Dr. Phillips HS
Medium: Mixed Media

2nd Place Winner | Margaret Drew

Artwork Name: “My Mother’s Mother"
School: Winter Park HS
Medium: Watercolor


3rd Place & Fan Favorite Winner | Ali Malik

Artwork Name: “Crane”
School: Dr. Phillips HS
Medium: Colored Pencil


Honorable Mention | Taylor Davidson

Artwork Name: “Fall in to Fictiousness”
School: Boone HS
Medium: Digital Photography


 Honorable Mention | Noah Cote

Artwork Name: “Self-Portrait”
School: Winter Park HS
Medium: Chalk Pastels