Lockheed Martin STEM Partnership Impact Grant

Before science teachers begin completing their Lockheed Martin STEM Partnership Impact Grant application understand this grant is very competitive and is judged by community and educator volunteers.  Make sure it is a good representation of our OCPS family. All grant final reporting is due by April 30, 2020. Plan your dates accordingly when building your grant application. You are eligible to apply for up to $3,000.


Only science teachers located at the Community Outreach Schools listed below are eligible to apply for this grant, this year, per funder requirements.

  1. Catalina Elem
  2. Hungerford Elem
  3. Lake Gem Elem
  4. Ivey Lane Elem
  5. Lake Weston Elem
  6. Lockhart Elem
  7. Lockhart Middle
  8. Mollie Ray Elem
  9. Orange Center Elem
  10. Orlo Vista Elem
  11. Phyllis Wheatley Elem
  12. Pine Hills Elem
  13. Pinewood Elem
  14. Rock Lake Elem
  15. Rosemont Elem
  16. Sadler Elem
  17. Union Park Elem
  18. Union Park Middle
  19. Ventura Elem
  20. Washington Shores

To start your application click on the link listed below.  If you have never applied for a Teacher Impact Grant you will be a new user to log in. 

If you have applied for a Foundation Teacher Impact grant in past, you will log in with your full name email i.e., Sue.Barnes@ocps.net as a returning user.
Do not use your personnel number to log in (11111@ocps.net).

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact our office at 407-317-3261.

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