Community Outreach School Funds

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools understands that community involvement is a key ingredient to student success and in the spring of 2018 established a Community Outreach initiative.   

The objective is to identify and assist schools that need additional community support to ensure academic improvement. The goal is to seek resources from community partners and members that will support student academics, improve student attendance and promote positive student behavior.

All children deserve a quality education. All children deserve to have their basic needs met so they can focus on learning.  Please help us!


Community Outreach Schools Include

Catalina Elementary
Hungerford Elementary
Lake Gem Elementary
Ivey Lane Elementary
Lake Weston Elementary
Lockhart Elementary
Lockhart Middle
Mollie Ray Elementary
Orange Center Elementary
Orlo Vista Elementary
Phyllis Wheatley Elementary
Pine Hills Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Rock Lake Elementary
Rosemont Elementary
Sadler Elementary
Union Park Elementary
Union Park Middle
Ventura Elementary
Washington Shores Elementary

THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors for already meeting the needs of these schools:

  • Lockhart ES | Winter Park Volleyball Club
  • Lake Weston | Winter Park Volleyball Club
  • Union Park Middle | Troop #198 Girl Scout 
If you would like to see the needs of our other community schools, with gift ideas listed, please click here!

Spread Holiday Cheer

100% of cash gifts will be sent to the school of your choice
to meet the needs of the students who the school
has determined needs help during the holidays.  

I Would Like to Support

Who can help?

EVERYONE! Individuals, businesses and organizations (clubs, churches, PTAs, PTSAs, nonprofits, etc.)

How can you help?

Consider adopting a Community Outreach school.
Adopting a school means putting your resources (time, talent & treasure) at the service of public schools to positively impact student learning. This initiative allows us to work in tandem with school staff, parents, community partners and members to create conditions at home and in school that maximize student success.
  • Partner with a school to set-up drives to collect the following necessary items:
    • Shoes
    • Non-Perishable Food
    • Clothing (uniform bottoms, new underwear, new socks)
    • Personal Care Supplies (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant)
  • Spread cheer this holiday season and adopt a school
    • Host a holiday breakfast or luncheon for teachers and staff of the adopted school
    • Organize toy, food or clothing drives for students
  • Become a mentor or reading tutor!

Help set the stage for student success and lifetime achievement. In as little as 30 minutes per week you can form a one-on-one connection with a child that could potentially steer them to success in school and on into their adult years.

  • Create activities that encourage parent engagement

Desirable Outcomes

  • Each Community Outreach school becomes a Five Star School. This symbol of achievement is presented each year to those schools that have shown evidence of exemplary community involvement. Eligible schools can apply for and receive the award annually.  In order to qualify for this award, a school must meet 100 percent of the criteria in the categories of Business Partnerships, Family Involvement, Volunteers, Student Community Service and School Advisory Councils. The school must also create a portfolio of documents that provides evidence of compliance with each of the criterion in the nomination form.
  • Sustained community involvement
  • Sustained school improvement
This will ensure our students in need have both the necessities and opportunities to succeed in school and in life.

Foundation Contact:, Assistant Director, Community Outreach or call 407.317.3261.

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