Tips for Performance Auditions

Tips for Video Audition:

We are looking forward to viewing and judging your live performance video.  Here are a few helpful tips to help you submit the best possible video audition!


  • Background, lighting and sound balance are the most important technical elements you want to keep in mind wherever you film. Background should be clean and simple. Be sure the light is good and room is quiet.
  • When recording stay in the frame at all times. You should be in the center of the frame with the bottom of the frame at the center of your chest and the top of the frame slightly above the top of your head.
  • Lighting, sound and costumes could affect judging.  Put on your best performance; show your personality.
  • It’s a good idea to have someone else start and stop the recording.
  • A quality camera (a no-frills digital camera with a good built-in microphone is all you need).
  • Acts and costumes must be appropriate for family audiences. Wear the same thing you will wear to the performance.
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your performing arts instructor for additional tips at your school before you record your audition.
  • Only YouTube live links will be accepted for your video performance.  If you haven't set up a “YouTube” account now is a good time to complete that task.  Here's a video to help with questions you may have on how to upload your video:
  • Be sure that your professional headshot and waivers are turned in on time as they are part of the application process. Applications accepted between February 3 - 21.

    You will not be uploading a video only a “YouTube” live link for us to view on YouTube.  All other formats are not acceptable due to compatibility issues.
We can’t wait to see your audition!  We wish you the best of luck! 
All performance finalists will be named on our website March 13, 2020!