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Second Graders' Fluency Soars with Read2Succeed

Read2Succeed utilizes The Six Minute Solution program for our curriculum. The Six-Minute Solution builds students' reading fluency—essential for text comprehension—and is valuable as a complement to any reading curriculum or as an intervention program. This easy to implement resource quickly builds fluency through interactive, peer-to-peer repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages.

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What is the curriculum?

Go to Sopris Learning to learn more about The Six Minute Solution curriculum.

Which students should our school select for the 2nd Grade Reading Fluency Program?

Candidates are:
•  students who are reading between 25-50 correct words per minute; and
•  Students who meet grade level expectations on most phonics/phonological awareness concepts & skills; and
•  students who would be comfortable working with an adult and have no significant behavioral issues; and
•  students who speak English and attend school regularly
What do reading volunteers do?
Our reading volunteers come from all walks of life and are trained to implement The Six Minute Solution with second graders struggling with reading fluency. Volunteers are matched based on availability and geographic location preferred. They come prepared with additional resources such as Magic Tree House books and educational games. 
How do I register students?
Teachers register with their school coordinator by “opting-in” to the program.  If you opt-in you will be able to select up to four students to be served by the program at the time a volunteer is trained and ready to serve.  The deadline to opt-in is September 11th.
What happens when a volunteer is ready to serve?
Because the district staff will be assisting on evaluating our program, Read2Succeed is required obtain assessment and identification information on each student prior to registration. The tools selected second grade is a level two fluency passage (attached).  
When a volunteer has been trained, submitted an ADDitions application and is approved to tutor students at your school, the following must be submitted to register the student(s):
  • Fluency passage Correct Word Per Minute score. Students must score between 25-50 words to participate.
  • Students’ first and last names
  • Student ID numbers
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the program.  The deadline to opt-in is September 11th!



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