Success Stories

First Grade Success Story

Teacher Testimonials

"My students love receiving the one-on-one tutoring and enjoyed working with their volunteer each week."  Morgan Drohan, Bonneville Elementary

"This has greatly impacted students who have been able to utilize the program to improve their reading skills and confidence."  - Mamie Blackman, Hungerford Elementary

"One student stumbled over every third word and was reading about 18 words per minute. She is now reading at about 85 words per minute. That's a positive impact!"  - Donna Berry, MetroWest Elementary

I believe Read2Succeed helped my student gain the confidence to share her thoughts more often during whole group instruction. She became an independent reader and her love of reading has increased. She has always looked forward to her volunteer coming each week and I know she will look back and have fond memories of this experience."  - Mallorie Durden, Riverdale Elementary