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1st Grade Success Story

Teacher Testimonials

"In the past few years, I had two students that came to me unable to read fluently.  The school staff and I discussed that there was a strong possibility that these students would be retained.  After working with the volunteer, their fluency improved tremendously and they were promoted to the next grade."

- Barbara Kosstrin, teacher at Hungerford Elementary

"One of my second grade students did not even know all of the sounds of the alphabet when he came to my classroom this year. By the end of the year, he was able to read grade-level passages with little help. He went from an AR level of 0.3 to 2.0. He is still a year behind, but he is reading!"

- Deborah Cook, teacher at Andover Elementary

"One of my low readers, who seems to have a negative attitude towards school, would look forward to her volunteer [coming] and her face would light up when she came. One time, her volunteer was out for one week. My little girl wanted to know where her volunteer was. I had to remind her that she was out on vacation for the week. The following week, my student was ecstatic to see the Read2Succeed volunteer and so proud to come back to the class with new books to take home to read."

- Dana Schmitt, teacher at Dover Shores Elementary

"Every day, our volunteer would come in early to get the materials set up for the day. If she saw me organizing papers, putting gifts together for students or teachers, she would jump right in. She loved to help in any capacity. For her, it was not just about teaching the students, it was about being a support to the school in any capacity. I truly appreciated that."

- Diane Gordon, teacher at Cypress Park Elementary

"I chose to use Read2Succeed because of my impending maternity leave of three months and the need for the lowest 30 percent to become stronger readers. The consistency and effectiveness of the program worked very well for these students and there was substantial growth from the beginning to the ending of the program."

- Jeanna Simon, teacher at Metrowest Elementary


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