TI School Coordinator Registration

Thank you for your interest in Teach-In 2017, scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  To register your to school to participate and receive valuable resource materials and volunteers from the Foundation, please complete the registration below.
When recruiting Teach-In volunteers, please remember that every volunteer MUST be ADDitions approved.
If you have any questions, please call the Foundation office (407-317-3200 x2002525) or email ellie.muir@ocps.net.
Thanks and best of luck in your 2017 Teach-In event.
Contact Information
Do not use caps. Type as you would want displayed on a list (i.e.; Camelot Elementary)
No caps please.
Please be sure to include extension if phone number is not a direct line. Use the following format: 555-555-5555 x555-5555
No caps please. If you do not have an assigned principal, please use the name of your acting principal and/or of an assistant principal.
School Event Information
Use MM/DD/YYYY format.
Use MM/DD/YYYY format.
If you did not participate in Teach-In last year, please only select 25 certificates. More can be sent to you if needed.
link to resource page: http://www.foundationforocps.org/p/87/school-coordinator-resources


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