A signature program of The Foundation, Read2Succeed engages over a hundred volunteers each year to provide reading assistance to first and second graders. In addition to recruiting, training and placing volunteers, The Foundation also provides needed resources in the classroom to support and advance this important program.

Research shows first and second grades as critical developmental years – when reading becomes fundamental to advanced concepts and skills. It’s also a significant social and emotional period in a child’s life, when positive encouragement and confidence-building are essential. Read2Succeed expands on both aspects, with a focus on building up our children.
Read2Succeed focuses on improving reading for first and second graders who are mid to mid-low level readers. This program is available to all Orange County public elementary schools -- not just Title I schools.

All it takes is 30-45 minutes per week to change a child’s life for a lifetime. Interested in volunteering? Get started today!

Meet Brianna and Jerome

Last year Lisa Oden, a Read2Succeed reading assistant, met Brianna and Jerome at Frangus Elementary School. Their first grade teacher registered them with the Read2Succeed program to help build their vocabulary and reading skills.

"Quiet and shy when we started the program, I saw them slowly but surely begin to become more engaged and confident with the new words they learned," remembers Lisa as she thought about last year. "Seeing their eyes light up when they recognized a new vocabulary word and watching them excitedly highlight that word in their book was priceless! Even better, telling me how they took the books we used at school home and read them with mom was music to my ears!"

Fast forward to this year. Brianna and Jerome were both registered for Read2Succeed’s second grade program to work on their reading fluency. "What a treat to have another year with them both!" says Lisa. "I have seen tremendous growth in their comprehension and social skills since last year. My shy, awkward kids are growing into strong, confident students who are eager to do their best. They even congratulate each other on a job well done after each session! They are developing so nicely as young readers…and as good people."

Last year the Read2Succeed program provided individualized reading instruction to 336 first graders and 526 second graders at 45 elementary schools. First graders showed a 97% increase in their vocabulary knowledge from pre-test to post-test, and 60% scored in their grade level for vocabulary percentiles on the FAIR assessment. Second graders increased their correct words per minute from an average of 49 at the beginning of the year to 72 at the end of the school year.


Registration is now closed for 20145-2015. Please email us to volunteer in the 2015-2016 school year.  

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