L4L Arts Education Grant Final Evaluation

Please complete the evaluation below for your License4Learning Arts Education Grant. Click on the "?" to the right of some questions for notes/instructions.
If you have questions prior to starting your evaluation please email margaux.pagan@ocps.net.
Teacher's Contact Information
Participating Students Demographics
If more than one, put all - k; 1-3; 5; 10; 9-12; etc.
Grant Information
Amount of grant received NOT amount requested.
Every item listed here was required to be turned in December 14, 2019 except for the PowerPoint presentation which is due April 24, 2020. Complete as best as you can under the circumstaces.
Grant Project Evaluation
Best Practices Participation
Media Coverage
Please include as many copies as possible in your picture slideshow presentation.

Picture Slideshow Presentation

A Google Drive was shared with you earlier in the year to upload your picture slideshow presentation.  Be sure to upload this presentation upon completion of your year-end evaluation form no later than April 29, 2024.
Be sure your presentation shows as much completion as possible.  With school closures impacting some of the ending slides most of the program should be captured with the time frame that was allotted throughout the year.  We're looking for beginning - middle and ending impacts! Do your best!