Second Grade Fluency

Second Graders' Fluency Soars with Read2Succeed!

Read2Succeed utilizes The Six Minute Solution program curriculum. The Six-Minute Solution builds students' reading fluency which paves the way for building comprehension skills. This enrichment program quickly builds a student's fluency through interactive, peer-to-peer repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages.

What is the curriculum?
The Six Minute Solution curriculum by Sopris

Step 1 - Connect with the student 
Step 2 - Review the three components of reading fluency

Ask, “What is reading fluency?”
Ask, “Why is reading fluency important?”
Ask, “What are the three rules of the program?”

Step 3 – Model through the passage reading aloud 
Step 4 – Skim for difficult words
Step 5 – Echo reading
Step 6 – Choral reading 
Step 7 – One Minute timed reading (as adapted from the Six-Minute Solution)
Step 8 - Students graph their results.  If time allows, read books aloud.

Go to Sopris Learning to learn more about The Six Minute Solution curriculum.

Program Evaluation
During the first session and prior to the end of the program, tutors administer a pre/post-assessment. This assessment demonstrates the students' growth in their fluency over the course of the program.

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