Second Grade Fluency

Second Graders' Fluency Soars with Read2Succeed!

Read2Succeed utilizes The Six Minute Solution program for our curriculum. The Six-Minute Solution builds students' reading fluency—essential for text comprehension—and is valuable as a complement to any reading curriculum or as an intervention program. This easy to implement resource quickly builds fluency through interactive, peer-to-peer repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages.

What is the curriculum?
The Six Minute Solution curriculum by Sopris

Improving  Fluency - Read2Succeed program steps (used at each session):
Step 1 - Connecting with the student 
Step 2 - Review the three components of reading fluency

Ask, “What is reading fluency?”
Ask, “Why is reading fluency important?”
Ask, “What are the three rules of the program?”

Step 3 – Model through the passage reading aloud 
Step 4 – Skim for difficult words
Step 5 – Echo reading
Step 6 – Choral reading 
Step 7 – One Minute timed reading (as adapted from the Six-Minute Solution)
Step 8 - Games and/or reading books aloud

Go to Sopris Learning to learn more about The Six Minute Solution curriculum.

Program Evaluation
The first and last sessions of the program include a pre/posttest. This assessment is administered by the volunteer to provide each students' measurment on fluency during the course of the program.

Reporting Fluecy Results
It is critical that all volunteers take a moment to report student fluency scores at the conclusion of the program. Utilizing the pre-addressed envelope in the tote bag, send the Student Log – Volunteer Record from the blue volunteer folder via interoffice mail. The front office staff can assist with interoffice mail. Another option is to submit student fluency scores via the Foundation website. 

The following information will need to be supplied:

  • Volunteer name and school
  • Student(s) first and last name
  • Beginning passage number (101), beginning date, and student’s cwpm score
  • Ending passage number (101), ending date, and student’s cwpm score
  • Number of weeks student(s) had a cwpm score
Note: In addition, a fluency form for each student must be submitted via the Foundation website (below).

Contact Us:

Elizabeth Conrad, Read2Succeed Program Administrator
Office: 407-317-3261
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext. 200-2835

2016-17 Second Grade Fluency Scores

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