Second Grade Fluency

Second Graders' Fluency Soars with Read2Succeed!

Read2Succeed utilizes The Six Minute Solution program curriculum. The Six-Minute Solution builds students' reading fluency—essential for text comprehension—and is valuable as a complement to any reading curriculum or as an enrichment program. This easy to implement resource quickly builds a student's fluency through interactive, peer-to-peer repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages.

What is the curriculum?
The Six Minute Solution curriculum by Sopris

Step 1 - Connecting with the student 
Step 2 - Review the three components of reading fluency

Ask, “What is reading fluency?”
Ask, “Why is reading fluency important?”
Ask, “What are the three rules of the program?”

Step 3 – Model through the passage reading aloud 
Step 4 – Skim for difficult words
Step 5 – Echo reading
Step 6 – Choral reading 
Step 7 – One Minute timed reading (as adapted from the Six-Minute Solution)
Step 8 - Games and/or reading books aloud




Go to Sopris Learning to learn more about The Six Minute Solution curriculum.

Program Evaluation
The first and last sessions of the program include a pre/post-test. This assessment is administered by the volunteer to provide each students' measurment on fluency during the course of the program.

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