Educator Information for Read2Succeed Program

Established in 2001, Read2Succeed has supported students on their journey to reading success. We continue to improve the program each year through feedback from teachers and reading tutors. The program serves first- and second-graders who are developing their reading skills. Students who are just below grade level in vocabulary and fluency receive extra support from a caring volunteer.
The Read2Succeed First-Grade Vocabulary Enhancement Program focuses on increasing vocabulary and background knowledge for students who are below grade level in vocabulary acquisition. Utilizing tutors and a district-approved curriculum; Read2Succeed supplements what students are being taught in the classroom. Tutors meet with students one-on-one for 30 minutes two days per week for 26 sessions. Students receive books to build a home library.

The Read2Succeed Second-Grade Fluency Program utilizes The Six-Minute Solution, a research-based program that quickly builds fluency through interactive, repeated readings of high-interest, targeted readability passages. This curriculum provides students with improved fluency and comprehension skills. Tutors meet with a pair of students for 40 minutes two days per week for 26 sessions.
The Read2Succeed SIPPS Program utilizes the Beginning and Extension Collaborative Classroom curriculum to accelerate K-3rd grade students' foundational reading skills. Paid tutors are matched with schools and tutor small groups throughout the school day.

The Read2Succeed program provides volunteer recruitment, training, and materials. Both programs are available at no cost to participating OCPS district elementary schools – not just Title I schools.
For more information, please contact a Read2Succeed staff member:
Elizabeth Conrad, Read2Succeed, Senior Administrator
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext. 218-2202
Kt Paxton, Read2Succeed, Resource Teacher
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext. 218-2203
Janet Young, Read2Succeed, Volunteer Coordinator
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext 218-2204
Itzel Muniz-Roldan, Read2Succeed, Volunteer Coordinator
Direct: 407-317-3200, ext 218-2205
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Teacher Testimonials


“This year I had three students participate in the program. All three students came in reading at a DRA level 4, which is a Kindergarten level. All three made remarkable growth and are now reading on or above grade level. This program is invaluable to my students and we are very thankful for it!”

 ~Meghan Carman, 1st-Grade Teacher, Apopka Elementary


“Each and every student who has been a part of Read2Succeed has made so much growth. Not only did my students grow academically with their fluency in reading and comprehension but also as students. One student in particular was very shy at the beginning of the year. She slowly started opening up to me but it was just me. When she started to work with one of the volunteers she quickly became this burst of energy and wanted to share everything, which is awesome! She has grown so much this year and she couldn’t have done it without her volunteer!”

~Morgan Drohan, 1st-Grade Teacher, Bonneville Elementary


“On behalf of first grade, we want to express our gratitude. The Read2Succeed program has been absolutely wonderful in helping our lowest-performing students increase in reading, vocabulary, and writing. We are very happy to have had this program in place here at Rock Springs Elementary, and want to thank all of the volunteers who donated their time to help our students improve. We would love to have this program in place next year.”

~First Grade Teacher Team, Rock Springs Elementary


“Due to the hard work of our students and the collaborative efforts of Mrs. Paxton along with the teachers, 100% of our 3rd-grade students successfully passed the FSA Reading Assessment. This is a huge success — many of our students came in reading at a 1st-grade level. Many thanks to Mrs. P!"

~Cheniqua Jackson, 3rd-Grade Teacher, Washington Shores