Community Outreach School Fund

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools understands that community involvement is a key ingredient to student success and in the spring of 2018 established a Community Outreach initiative.   

The objective is to identify and assist schools that need additional community support to ensure academic improvement. The goal is to seek resources from community partners and members that will support student academics, improve student attendance and promote positive student behavior.

All children deserve a quality education. All children deserve to have their basic needs met so they can focus on learning.  Please help us!

List of Community Outreach Schools

Elementary Schools include Catalina, Hungerford, Lake Gem, Ivey Lane, Lake Weston, Lockhart, Mollie Ray, Orange Center, Orlo Vista, Phyllis Wheatley, Pine Hills, Pinewood, Rock Lake, Rosemont, Sadler, Union Park, Ventura and Washington Shores.  
Middle Schools include Lockhart and Union Park.

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