Arts Education Support Grants

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Proceeds from "Support Education" Florida Education License Plate is used to fund this arts education impact grant that is open to all traditional Orange County Public Schools K - 12th grade music, visual arts, dance and/or theater classroom teacher for classroom supplies and materials.
Grant requests will be accepted for art supplies, materials, equipment and or equipment repair:
  • up to $500 per teacher
Community and education leaders judge grant applications in a competitive process, with preference given to creative, well-written proposals that clearly and comprehensively describes the classroom and/or students' needs. All OCPS procedures for ordering materials must be followed. 
Be sure your budget can be purchased through OCPS ordering guidelines and that you are using an OCPS approved vendor. 
You need to confirm with the school bookeeper your materials and vendor(s) selected are approved by OCPS BEFORE application is submitted. 
BEFORE starting your grant application, review the "Impact Grant Writing Resource Materials" below to help ensure you are submitting the best grant application possible. 
Winners and Non-Winners will be notified by October 7, 2022.