Learn the Issues

As part of its strategic planning, the Foundation's board of director spent 2011 researching the most current data to identify the key issues facing Orange County Public Schools and how it could help make a positive impact.

Key Points Shaping the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools Future:

1. While the number of students entering higher education ready to take college courses is increasing, far too many are leaving high school needing remedial classes.

To reach the education level of the 10 most productive states within the next two decades, Florida needs 4.5 million adults with baccalaureate degrees (1.3 million more than expected at the current attainment rates), and at least 100,000 more science and technology professionals than we are on track to produce. Of every 100 Florida students today, only 76 will graduate from high school, only 51 will attend college, and only 32 will earn a baccalaureate degree within six years. (Closing the Gap, The Florida Council of 100, January 2010.)