2023-24 Teacher Impact Grant Opportunities

Arts Education

Arts Education Grants funded by License4Learning specialty license tag - provides funds to Pre-K-12 music, visual arts, dance, or theatre classroom teachers for art education supplies and materials.

Music, Theatre, Dance Education

Music, Theater, and Dance Education grants funded by The Phoenix Foundation - provides funding for K-12 music, theater, and dance classroom teachers for supplemental supplies and materials up to $15,000 per teacher. 

Gardening/Horticulture Impact Grant

Gardening/Horticulture Impact Grant - funded by Walt Disney World Resorts - provides K-12 teachers in any subject to apply for a $500 grant to start or expand their gardening/horticulture initiatives at their school.

Lockheed Martin STEM Classroom Grant Program

Lockheed Martin STEM Classroom Grant Program funded by Lockheed Martin and the School District Matching Education Foundation Grant Program - provides opportunities for grants of up to $5,000 each will be awarded to schools for teachers to implement STEM programming for high-school students, focused on engineering, computational science or cybersecurity.

Math, Science and Energy Education | Duke Energy

Math, Science, Energy Education Grants funded by Duke Energy and School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program - provides equipment and/or materials to enhance instruction in math, science, and energy education in K-12th grade.

STEM Partnership | Duke Energy

STEM Partnership Grants funded by Duke Energy and the School District Matching Education Foundation Grant Program - provides opportunities for students to learn the application of STEM concepts through problem-based learning activities conducted with workplace business partners in K-12th grades.