Duke Energy Math-Science-Energy Education Grant Final Evaluation

Please complete the evaluation below for your Duke Energy Math, Science & Energy Education Grant. Click on the "?" to the right of some questions for notes / instructions.
If you have questions prior to starting your evaluation, call the Foundation office at 407-317-3261 or email Susan.Barnhill@ocps.net.

Lead Teacher's Contact Information
Participating Students Demographics
If more than one, put all - k; 1-3; 5; 10; 9-12; etc.
Grant Information
Award received NO grant request total.
Every item listed here was required to be turned in December 14, 2019.
Grant Project Evaluation - Part A
Project Evaluation - Part B
Best Practices Participation
Public Relations / Media Coverage
Please include as many copies as possible in your picture slideshow presentation.

Picture Slideshow Presentation

A link was shared with you earlier in the year to upload your picture slideshow presentation.  Be sure to upload this presentation upon completion of your year-end evlauation form.
If you have questions contact Susan.Barnhill@ocps.net.