Hillcrest Elementary Hero Fund

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The purpose of the Hillcrest Hero Fund is to supplement funds available to Hillcrest Elementary School and to improve our students' education by providing teachers with engaging tools and resources. 

The main areas of focus for Hero fundraising are Teacher Training, Classroom Materials and Foreign Language Programs & Resources.

The Hero Fund is overseen by a Board of Directors composed of parents and community members, working together with the Principal, PTA, and staff at Hillcrest Elementary School.

Together, we have set a goal to raise $10,000 for the 2022-2023 school year.  It is our belief we can accomplish this by the end of the school year.  If all our pledges are collected and our combined efforts are realized, teachers and staff can continue to educate students with extraordinary learning programs, tools, and resources.

Contributions to the Hillcrest Hero Fund can be made at any time to Hillcrest Elementary School and will be tax deductible. The Fund can receive gifts via cash, check (payable to FOCPS) or credit card, in one payment or multiple installments throughout the school year. Checks should be mailed to the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, 445 West Amelia Street, Orlando, FL. 32801 and in the Memo line place Hillcrest Hero Fund.

The Hillcrest Hero Fund will maintain a segregated account at the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, available only for Hillcrest Elementary School; it will be tax deductible as a contribution to a 501c3 organization with transparency and full disclosure.

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For more information:

Contact Hillcrest Hero Fund @ hillcrestherofund@gmail.com

Hillcrest Hero Fund Blanton's Bourbon Raffle


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1.     The Hillcrest Hero Fund is a nonprofit fund underneath the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, whose address 445 W. Amelia Street, Orlando, FL 32801. The Hillcrest Hero Fund provides funding for the Hillcrest Elementary School, which is a public school celebrating its 100th year of serving students and their families in downtown Orlando in Orange County, Florida. 

2.     The Hillcrest Hero Fund Blanton’s Bourbon Raffle is a drawing by chance (the “Raffle”). It benefits the Hillcrest Hero Fund.  

3.     The Raffle will run from September 22, 2023 through October 18, 2023 at 6:45 p.m. EST. Raffle tickets are sold online only through the Fund’s website and text2give feature. 

4.     The Raffle is open to all adults aged 21 and older.  

5.     This Raffle is for one (1) authentic, closed, and sealed bottle of Blanton’s Bourbon with box, distilled and bottled by Blanton’s Distilling Company in Frankfort, Kentucky, removed from the barrel on 11-11-20 from Barrel No. 599, Stored in Warehouse H on Rick No. 55, and bottled by hand at 93 proof (the “Prize”). The Prize has been donated by the Hillcrest Hero Fund. While the price of the Prize does vary based on scarcity, the Prize is valued at $149.99. 

6.     The drawing of the winning Raffle ticket for the Prize shall be selected in a blind drawing by a Hillcrest Hero Fund Board Member at Redlight Redlight, 2810 Corrine Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 on October 18th at 7 p.m., unless an Act of God, such as a hurricane, requires the drawing to occur at a later date and time, which will be published.  

7.     You do NOT need to be present to win. However, you must arrange for local pickup in Orange County, Florida if you are not present, at a time and date to be arranged by the winner and the Fund. The item will not be shipped. You must present a valid Driver’s License, Official State ID card, or Passport to verify your identity and age upon pickup. 

8.     Your name will be entered in the Raffle for the corresponding number of tickets you purchase. Ticket numbers will not be assigned – you will be selected by your name. For example, if John Smith buys ten tickets, he will have 10 separate entries of his name, “John Smith” be entered in the Raffle.  

9.     All Raffle tickets will be placed in a solid-colored box to avoid any possibility of names being visible when the winning ticket is selected.  

10.  This Raffle is governed by Florida law. In accordance with Florida law, no contribution is necessary to participate, however we respectfully request that you provide a donation of $10 for one (1) Raffle ticket or $25 for three (3) Raffle tickets. 


Privacy Statement

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools respects the privacy of our donors and will never sell or share donor information with other organizations.