I Won a Grant - What's Next?

Grant Winner Instructions

Now that you've won a grant, here's some instructions on what you will need to do next.
  1. Calendar all deadline dates. These dates are on the Fact Sheet for your particular grant.
  2. Order all of your grant materials.  If you find some items have decreased in price, you may use the additional dollars left on your grant to purchase supplies that will enhance your grant project. We don't want refunds! 
  3. Duke Energy grant winners are required to send a thank you note to Duke Energy by the end of November.  Refer to your Fact Sheet for address information.
  4. You were sent a Google Drive link where you are required to upload copies of school checks, receipts, and invoices.  
  5. Start working on your PowerPoint or video that you will submit at the end of April 29, 2024.  You are required to ensure your students have signed a photographed release form.  Keep those documents on file at your school location. Your PowerPoint and/or video needs to show the beginning, middle, and ending of your project.
  6. Grants close out in April 2024.  Be sure your project timeline is complete by that date and final evaluations are required to close out your grant as well. Enjoy your students' learning experience! 

Required Forms

All required forms for you to download are on the Goggle drive link you have been sent once you have been notified you won a teacher impact grant.  Download the appropriate document to your desktop and then upload it to your appropriate Google drive folder.
Forms are time sensitive - calendar your due dates now. At the end of each fiscal school year audits are conducted and information is provided to the State to ensure we continue to receive funding each year. 
Following all guidelines, ordering your materials on time, using approved vendors, completing expense report along with required receipts are your responsibility after winning a grant.  In April, you will complete a final evaluation and upload a PowerPoint or video presentation of how your grant impacted your students.  This is a time to have fun with your project and show us the beginning, middle, and the ending of the impact your grant made. 
Please do your part to ensure we are able to obtain funding for years to come by completing all portions of the grant requirements.  You will be emailed reminders throughout the year and please feel free to give us a call should you have any questions at 407-317-3261.
Thank you!