Impact Grant Winners' Resource Documents

Teacher Grant Winners! 

This page contains downloads that you are required to complete for the grant that you have won. You will find fact sheets (with due dates), your grant recipient contract that needs to be signed, an expense summary report, and a final evaluation form.  Click on the documents links below that correspond to the grant category for which you won. All winners will receive a shared google drive where you will upload these forms by your due dates for each particular item.  Go ahead and mark your calendar now with all the due dates. 

Please note your grant check was submitted to your principal when you were notified of winning your grant.  You are required to work with your school bookkeeper to order all of your items.  When ordering if you find discounts are now added and you have more money to spend than what was on the original grant application you submitted, by all means, use up your funds and order all that you can with the funds awarded.

It is imperative that these guidelines be followed as our grants are funder-supported. Audits are conducted yearly and year-end documentation that is outlined below is submitted to the Department of Education to help us ensure funding is secured each year.  You are required to complete all of the information provided below regarding the particular grant that you have won.

Arts Education Grants - sponsored by License4Learning (Education LicenceTag)

Math, Science, and Energy Education (MSE) Grants - sponsored by Duke Energy Foundation and State Matching Grant Funds

STEM Partnership Grants - sponsored by Duke Energy Foundation and State Matching Grant Funds

Lockheed Martin STEM Classroom Grant Program - sponsored by Lockheed Martin and State Matching Grant Funds
​​Middle School Book Club Grants - sponsored by License4Learning (Education License Tag) and State Matching Grant Funds.  Both the facilitator's final evaluation and student surveys must be completed at the end of the year. All middle schools are eligible to apply.  Only one book club per school will be permitted so that as many middle schools as possible can participate.
Non-fiction Classroom Libraries Grants - sponsored by License4Learning (Education License Tag) and State Matching Grant Funds
West Orange Middle School Science Grants - sponsored by The Bond Foundation and State Matching Grant Funds

If you have questions please contact