Help A Child Learn To Read

Read2Succeed is a program that supports first and second graders on their reading journey. Our team matches reading volunteers with first and/or second grade students at participating OCPS elementary schools to improve their vocabulary, reading fluency and reading comprehension.

The Read2Succeed First Grade Vocabulary Enhancement Program helps at-risk first graders build vocabulary and background knowledge. Additionally, volunteers help students develop a curiosity about words and language while giving them the tools they need to be better readers. The program utilizes fiction and non-fiction literature along with journals and art supplies to make learning fun!

Read2Succeed uses a research-based program with second grade students called The Six-Minute Solution; which quickly builds fluency through interactive, repeated readings of high-interest and instructional procedures which guide students to improved literacy. Volunteers spend one hour, once a week, during the school day, developing their students’ ability to read text quickly, accurately and with expression.

Register for one of our upcoming volunteer interest sessions to begin your investment in a child's future! To contact a team member, please email Read2Succeed.

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