STEM Partnership Grants

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The STEM Partnership Grant – sponsored by Duke Energy and state matching grant funds from the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations will be awarded to fund opportunities for students to learn the application of STEM concepts through problem-based learning activities conducted with workplace business partners for grades K - 12th.

All grant awards must be used for the purchase of supplies, equipment, and software for project implementation.

The project must take place between October 2023 and April 2023, during and/or after school.

Grant Amounts Available:

  • K – 12th Grade:  up to $5,000

Community and education leaders judge grant applications in a competitive process.  This year bonus points will be given to projects if applicants teach in schools serving student populations that are more than 60% minority (non-white), 60% Hispanic and/or 60% eligibility for free/reduced-price meals. Projects must take place between October 2023 and April 2023, and can occur before, during and/or after school. Our funder, Duke Energy, has established the criteria for this particular grant. Please note all traditional OCPS schools are eligible to apply.

Technology items associated with a grant (software, hardware, or special STEM equipment/devices) require ITS approval review process to ensure that it works as hope/intend.  Certain products natively will not work on OCPS network or connect to the internet.

Please ask ITS thru an EV (Easy Vista) HELP DESK ticket request sent to ITS Business Office Team to review, so we may identify what those items are before applying for any grant

  • Create EV ticket through the browser to
  • ITS technical review of equipment/devices/software before a grant application submittal

Some technology items may require lengthy joint approvals/testing with additional OCPS teams from Teaching & Learning, Risk Management, or Facilities Maintenance/Construction  

Examples of technology items that ITS reviews:

  • any device that is connecting/has potential ability to connect to the OCPS WAN/LAN using internet access either wired or wireless, GPS capability, email capability, cellular capability
  • computers including any iPads, iOS devices, or Android capable devices
  • Virtually Reality headsets or Interactive/SMART glasses/spectacles
  • gaming controls
  • cameras used on OCPS property requiring connectivity either wired or wireless
  • any DRONES w/cameras and without cameras
  • any weather stations requiring connectivity either wired or wireless
  • any weather stations requiring connectivity either wired or wireless
​Current approved OCPS software can be reviewed here.

For a list of OCPS preapproved items please review the current UDT Equal Level iBuy catalog showing only in OCPS Favorites list URL link to far right of dashboard screen. Check with your school bookkeeper for assistance if you are unable to locate the catalog.  Working within these preapproved items will help your grant proposal be approved faster.

BEFORE starting the grant application, please review the "Grant Writing Resource Materials" below to help you see what the judges will be looking for and assist you in providing all the necessary information to help you write the best grant possible. The "Rubric Sample" below is telling of what the judges will be specifically looking for as they review your proposal. The Fact Sheet will provide you what is permitted to be ordered and what is not.  Please review the forms below.