Innovation Schools

SEL Landscaped Classrooms

Second grade teachers, at selected innovation schools and innovation partner schools within Orange County Public Schools, will be given the opportunity to apply for a grant to transform their classroom into classroom that feels like "home" and aligns with the Naturalness, Individualization, and Stimulation (SIN Model) for classroom design. Teachers will receive customized professional development on SEL strategies and will become a cross-school Professional Learning Community. 
Research shows that altering the physical design of the classroom to promote student­-centered or play-based learning can improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for students. Based on the suggested SIN Model, the elementary schools chosen from OCPS would be given two Safe Spaces per school, designed to match the requirements outlines within the SIN Model. Requirements would align with research that supports student-centered learning. Based on research, three design principles can be split into the following 10 parameters:
Naturalness: Light, Sound, Temperature, Air Quality, Links to Nature
Individualization: Ownership, Flexibility, Connection
Level of Stimulation: Complexity, Color
Some considerations for physical environment design would include: a) classroom furniture and alternative seating; b) sensory integration; c) physical movement and learning zones and d) colors. These considerations are outlined by the authors of the UCF proposal and are supported within the research as positive learning environments for students. 

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