Bobbie Lytle Outstanding Teacher Award

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The purpose of the Fund is to honor the memory of and example that Bobbie Lytle set as a beloved and inspirational teacher by providing an annual cash award of $2,500 to the recipient selected as the Outstanding Teacher at Dommerich and Brookshire elementary schools.

Bobbie Lytle believed in Christa McAuliffe’s words, “I touch the future: I teach.”  A lifelong educator, Bobbie touched the lives of many students while teaching for many years at Dommerich Elementary and, prior to her retirement, Brookshire Elementary.

Bobbie’s infectious smile and her love of learning encouraged children to extend their curiosity into all areas of learning.  Whether it was storytelling, creating a cookbook for her second-grade parents at the holidays, or guiding their fabulous art projects, she made sure her students’ abilities shone brightly.

The Bobbie Lytle Outstanding Teacher Award has been established through a generous memorial gift from her loving daughter, Tiffany. The gift has created an endowed fund at the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, and a special cash award of $2,500.00 will be presented annually to an outstanding teacher at each of the two schools where Bobbie dedicated her career: Dommerich Elementary and Brookshire Elementary. All members of the two schools’ communities – faculty, staff, parents, students and neighbors – may nominate teachers for these new awards. A selection committee will help to narrow the list of candidates, and the final selection will be made by Bobbie’s granddaughter, Kinsley.























Those selected for this recognition each year must be current teachers at either Dommerich Elementary or Brookshire Elementary (one winner from each school will be selected) and must embody the following qualifications:

  • Communicate effectively with parents
  • Possess the ability to connect with their students, showing a genuine interest in individuals
  • Be encouraging
  • Believe in individuals and help all children realize their potential and what they can do
  • Be compassionate
  • Have no disciplinary actions in file or attendance issues
  • Engage children with enthusiasm, humor, respect and a sense of caring
  • Overcome challenging personalities with a positive attitude
  • Be altruistic
  • Cultivate and nurture a sense of belonging in his or her classroom
  • Be responsive, loving, and go the extra mile

Other Funding Criteria:

  1. Nominations may be submitted by anyone in the Dommerich and Brookshire elementary schools' communities, incdluing parents, students, and fellow employees.
  2. The Award Committee, comprised of former teachers and friends of Bobbie Lytle, will review all submissions and recommend several to be considered by a Selection Committee, which will choose the winning submission. The Selection Committee wil initially consist of Ms. Lytle and her daughter. Other Selection Committee members may be named at a later date.
  3. Dommerich and Brookshire elementary schools will create a plaque, with the help of Ms. Lytle, to be displayed in the front office of their respective schools. The plaque will list the name and date of the award for each recipient. The plaque will be titled Bobbie Lytle Outstanding Teacher.

At her discretion, Ms. Lytle may expand the fund in order to offer a similar award at other OCPS schools of her choice. Contributions from others are gratefully accepted, and contributions to create similar awards at other schools are strongly encouraged.

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