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“One of my students just barely met the criteria for the 2nd-grade program. His teacher said that he was not motivated and she didn’t know how he would respond to being a part of the program. Initially, she would have to call him over from the playground when I came to pick him up. After a few weeks he would see me coming and run over to meet me. He has improved from 20 words per minute to 55 words per minute and he is now reading with expression. However, the greatest factor is that he now enjoys reading.”

 Barbara Massey, Reading Tutor, Lakeville Elementary

"My granddaughter and I wanted all six of the kids to love reading. It was a daunting task for the teacher to bring them up to second grade level reading and she knew it was important for these children to have one-on-one time with a volunteer.  I believe they have blossomed with their self-confidence in all subjects.  The teacher wants to work with us again next year. This is truly a warm, bonding experience to see a child blossom with confidence. This program is so wonderful that I even sent a letter to the President telling him about this program.  I am going to continue trying to get into local clubs to speak about Read2Succeed in an effort to get more volunteers. Our success with the program means that we made a difference in a child's life and that is something that no one can take away from them or from us."
Jeanne (Ann) Lutz, volunteer at Rock Springs Elementary

"Being a Read2Succeed tutor has given me many experiences in boosting a child’s success. Every child needs individual education plans and tutors are able to provide this. Students not only receive learning strategies, but they also receive compassion, security, and, most importantly, love. Many of my students have challenging pasts and together we work toward a brighter future. Some days we deal with referrals, illness, fights, and even death. Every time they are pushed down they get back up and we work toward our goal. Read2Succeed provides students with the confidence to help them prevail. To help them see themselves walking across the graduation stage. To help them envision college and a career they are passionate about. Some days we take a step forward and other days we take two steps back. The biggest success story is that we never give up!”

 Jenna Naylor, Reading Tutor, Rosemont Elementary

"When I met with my first grader for the first time, I explained that I would read stories to her and she would tell me when I read a word we were going to talk about. I explained that she would learn what the word meant and how to use it in a sentence. She did not look thrilled or excited. When I read the first story and came to a target word, she screamed out the word like she had just discovered something important.  She highlighted the word in the book and did not miss telling me when I read another target word. We talked about what the word meant and I am sure that at the end of this school year, she will have a greatly improved vocabulary and a greater understanding of definition of words. What a fun way to learn!"
– Bernie Ouellette, volunteer at Union Park Elementary