Program Overview

Orange County Public School's Read2Succeed program engages hundreds of volunteers to provide reading assistance to first and second-grade students each year. The Read2Succeed team recruits, trains, and matches volunteers with students. Through local and national sponsors, the Foundation provides the much-needed resources. Together, we support teachers and students with a solid longstanding, and results-oriented reading enrichment program.
Volunteers tutor first and second graders who are mid- to low-level readers once or twice a week. The overall goal is to improve student's vocabulary and reading fluency and to pass on a love for reading. This program is available to all participating Orange County district elementary schools.
Research shows first and second grades are critical developmental years; when reading becomes fundamental to advanced concepts and skills. Extra support during the social and emotional period in a child’s life, when positive encouragement and confidence are essential to academic achievement, is critical to developing readers as they achieve milestones throughout their reading journey.
All it takes is one hour per week to impact a child’s life.
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Student Snapshot: Brianna and Jerome

Brianna and Jerome attend Frangus Elementary School. They were registered for the Read2Succeed program, by their first grade teacher.

By participating in the program, the hope was to help build their vocabulary and reading skills.

Upon beginning the program,  "they were quite shy," shares R2S volunteer, Lisa Oden. However, slowly they began to become more engaged and confident with the new words they learned." Oden goes on to share that seeing their eyes light up when they recognized a new vocabulary word and watching them excitedly highlight that word in their book was priceless! 

This past school year, Brianna and Jerome were registered for Read2Succeed’s second grade program to work on their reading fluency. Once again, Lisa tutored Brianna and Jerome. 

"I have seen tremendous growth in their comprehension and social skills since last year. My shy kids are growing into strong, confident students who are eager to do their best. They even congratulate each other on a job well done after each session! ." - Lisa Oden

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