Teach-In Speakers

Be a Teacher for a Day

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Engaging the business community in educational excellence. 
Preparing students for the future.

Each November, in celebration of American Education Week, the Foundation brings business and civic leaders into the classrooms - in a fun and engaging way - to talk with students about academics, careers and the future.

Some volunteers read books to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. Some teach practical, personal skills to high school students such as managing a checking account and using credit cards wisely.  Others involve entire middle school classes in projects like a mock election. Some give demonstrations using musical instruments or scientific equipment to 5th graders.

You can read a book; share an educational experience; give students a window into your career; or talk about a favorite vacation, hobby, even a special teacher who touched your life.  Whatever your skills, no matter your topic, there is a classroom of students waiting to hear from you! To get matched with the appropriate grade and classroom(s), please register to serve as a speaker and someone from the Foundation will contact you soon.

It takes as little as an hour of your time.

For more information, contact

Ellie Muir, Teach-In Coordinator
Office:  407-317-3261
Direct:  407-317-3200, ext. 2525

Register Now

To register to be a "Teacher for a Day" during Teach-In 2017, contact your school of choice directly or complete the online registration.  We can assist in matching you to the school or school area of your choice, and you will be contacted directly by the school's Teach-In coordinator regarding your assignment.

The earlier you register, the better your chance to be placed at the school of your choice.
NOTE:  Orange County Public Schools now requires Teach-In volunteers to complete an online ADDitions Application.  Please click on this link to proceed to that page.  Once logged in with your social security number and birthdate, you will need to answer the 16 Safety questions, select up to three schools to volunteer and select Teach-In from the "Type of Work Preferred". 
For last minute volunteer registrations, names will be checked again the Florida Sexual Predator database to expedite approval.
If you have any questions, please email the Foundation office.

Below is a link that can assist you in selecting a school or schools to volunteer at for Teach-In.  Click on the link and you will have the ability to filter by elementary, middle, high, or other (Tech School or Alternative Ed) and/or school alpha.


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